• Were You Rejected from the University of Texas at Austin?
    It may be because you’re the wrong race or ethnicity.

    Unless you graduated in the top 6 percent of your high school class, gaining acceptance to UT is very difficult. One of the reasons is that UT continues to use a student’s race and ethnicity as an admission criteria. We believe this is an unfair policy for all students.

    Your race or ethnicity should not be used to help, or harm, your chance of being admitted to UT or any university.

    We are Students for Fair Admissions, a nonprofit membership organization with over 21,000 members that has sued Harvard and the University of North Carolina over their admissions policies.

    If you were denied admission from the University of Texas we want to hear from you! Please fill out the form below and tell us about your grades, test scores, and outside activities. All of your information is confidential. We will never share it with anyone outside of this organization.

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